Did you know that a car has over 30,000 parts? And, though every single one of these is important, some are more important than others. The majority of drivers don’t much pay attention to muffler repair; usually, because it’s not a part that needs routine care and attention. The muffler is an essential component that when not taken care of properly, could cause damages to the engine. As of today, the muffler serves two functions. The first, to reduce the noise made by the exhaust system and the second, to help direct exhaust gasses out of the engine. Unlike some components that require constant maintenance, the muffler should be checked every five to seven years depending on where you live. However, just like every other car part, waiting too long may result in high repair bills and may make small problems much bigger.

To avoid expensive repairs, pay attention to the following three signs. These will help you decide if you need to visit the nearest muffler repair shop.

 Signs of a bad muffler

1. Loud Engine Noises

One of the most obvious signs is a change in the volume of the muffler. Today’s engines are built to have parts that work in conjunction, and when the muffler is working it should run quietly. You can tell that you need to take your vehicle to the shop if that silence turns into persistent roaring. This usually happens when the muffler has some sort of damage, such as a hole. Causing the pre-muffled exhaust to leak and consequently increases the noise of the exhaust system. Damage to the muffler can impact your vehicle’s performance overall.

2. Decrease of MPG
An exhaust system that is taken care of and is well tuned has several benefits. Among these is better fuel range. If you notice that you are pumping gas more often, it is best that you take your vehicle for maintenance. More gas is a basic indicator that something might be wrong. Monitoring your vehicle’s performance may help you catch problems and solve them before they get too serious.

3. Harmful Fumes

This last sign might end up being the most dangerous of all three. Usually, a tuned muffler pushes exhaust fumes away from the vehicle. If you notice a different smell, make sure that you take your car to the shop. Often times, these fumes are harmful and can be fatal over time.

Overall, if you cannot see, hear or smell anything, odds are that your exhaust system is working fine. Otherwise, visit your local muffler repair shop. Mufflers 4 Less Hollywood has trained technicians that will guide you every step of the way. Remember that waiting and disregarding these warning signs can lead to high repair charges and time without your vehicle. If you live in or near Hollywood, Florida, consider visiting Mufflers 4 Less Hollywood. Our experts will explain exactly what is wrong and will only repair what needs to done. Unlike other auto shops, Mufflers 4 Less is a shop that you can trust and always provides a variety of brands at affordable prices.

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